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Our approach encompasses health and nutrition, recognizing the vital connection between physical well-being and financial prosperity.

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In this video we take you to CIELO FARMS WINERY, in Malibu, CA. We enjoyed some unexpected laughs, a light lunch, and tasted one of the suggested, "popular flavors” the winery offers. Please be sure to watch the ENTIRE video because we share with our ‘PK’ Family & New Viewers, exactly what flavor and brand it was. We also took a stroll exploring the sights and beautiful grounds, to show everyone, what more this location has to offer. You will see CIELO FARMS is a nice place, and is absolutely suited for intimate dates, or a casual time of fun with friends. It even accommodates enough space for large weddings or events. So, if you're ever on the west coast, or live in Southern California, we recommend visiting this winery for sure! Roughly 30 minutes to 1 hour away from the Los Angeles area. ENJOY!! Contact Us…Let’s Stay Connected!! SUBSCRIBE and FOLLOW US ON ALL OF OUR SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS… KellyG & PT PK ENTERTAINMENT VENTURES, LLC Hire Us: For Products/Brands or Place-Location Reviews … Email: SHOP: 'PK' BRAND APPAREL YOUTUBE CHANNEL : KellyG & PT / PK Entertainment Ventures We hope you SUBSCRIBE!! LIKE (Thumbs Up)!! COMMENT. SHARE!! Please be sure to watch some of our past videos. Hit the NOTIFICATION BELL 🔔 so you know when we post more videos! We look forward to you joining our ‘PK’ Family and staying connected on our journey as we continue to grow and evolve...THANKS!! FOLLOW INSTAGRAMS: @pkentertainmentventures and @kellyg_pkev FACEBOOK: PK Entertainment Ventures, LLC TWITTER: @pkentvent


We decided to take a short road trip/ getaway for a couple of days to San Diego, CA. We explored La Jolla, Liberty Station, a popular beach, Seaport Village, did some sightseeing and lots more. We had a family guest with us on this trip too. We had a blast. We got to meet some fun people Along our journey. YES, of course we had some great food (Vegan and Non Vegan) at a few restaurants too! At all the restaurants we visited, most of food dishes/ plates on the menus were definitely delicious, large portions and SHAREABLE!! Which to us, that equals, a hybrid approach for being BUDGET FRIENDLY…LOL! In addition, we share the MARRIOTT Hotel we stayed at. We stay at the Marriott brands throughout our travels quite a bit, and definitely recommend this location also, to all of our ‘PK’ family, and anyone new viewers to our channel here at KellyG & PT / PK Entertainment Ventures. We really hope you enjoy our vlog!! Be sure to watch our other past videos and any new videos we post in the future. Our aim is to spread down-to-earth, authenticity!! We have fun, explore, learn, and share informative content from our life. It would be totally awesome, for you to become a part of our growing 'PK' Family!! CONTACT US….Let's Stay Connected!!! KellyG & PT of PK Entertainment Ventures, LLC WEBSITE: SHOP: PK Brand Apparel For General Information- Collaborations/ Partnerships/ Brand Deals, Product Reviews, etc. Email: *YOUTUBE CHANNEL: @KellyGandPT KellyG & PT - PK Entertainment Ventures PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!! LIKE 👍🏾 👍🏾!!! COMMENT (We reply back)!! & SHARE!! Hit NOTIFICATION BELL 🔔 INSTAGRAMS (2): @pkentertainmentventures @kellyg_pkev FACEBOOK: PK Entertainment Ventures, LLC TWITTER: @pkentvent


#goldengatebridge #chasecenter #sanfrancisco #bayarea #goldenstatewarriors #basketballfans Hey Peeps~ Hope ALL is well with you!! It's been a while since our last video. We're happy to be posting lifestyle, fun, uplifting, and informative video content again! We are going to be exploring and sharing new concepts here on the channel that life brings our way too. Sooooo….WELCOME BACK to our YouTube Channel, KellyG & PT of PK Entertainment Ventures!! If you are NEW here and stopping by for the first time, THANK YOU for visiting!!, We hope that you stick around and stay a while to JOIN our 'PK' Peeps Tribe!! We are EXTREMELY authentic (down-to-earth) couple!! We’re fun, motivating, and positive about "real life" around here. In this super quick, last minute trip, we take you along on our drive over 'THE OAKLAND BAY BRIDGE.’ We drove across one of America's most famous, iconic bridges...'THE GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE.' Are you an NBA BASKETBALL FAN?? We’d love to know and hear from you what teams! We grew up back east, BUT a person can like and rep ANY TEAM where their favorite athletes/ stars are!! What team are you with???!! We decided to go to see the outside of where NBA superstars Steph Curry, Draymond Green, Klay Thompson and the rest of the awesome 'GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS' play Basketball. We also saw some cool looking MURALS (*CREDITS: MURAL By: ILLUMINARIES and also By: The KAL ) on the PUBLIC STREETS in OAKLAND, CA!! YES!! BOTH OF US ENJOY Entertainment, Sports and MUCH MORE!!! So stick around…would love to have you on our journeys… CREDITS: @chase_center @yolandadixon_ Golden State Warriors ——————————————————————————————————————————————————- OUR SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS, CONTACT INFO & SERIOUS BUSINESS INQUIRIES - - KellyG & PT of PK ENTERTAINMENT VENTURES, LLC Websites: Email: SHOP- PK BRAND APPAREL: Brand Is... Motivational, Empowering, "Thought Provoking" PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!! LIKE (Thumbs Up)!! and SHARE!! Also PLEASE FOLLOW our other Social Media Platforms. We'll be sure to do the same! Let's stay connected! YOUTUBE: KellyG & PT / PK Entertainment Ventures INSTAGRAMS: @pkentertainmentventures -and- @kellyg_pkev TWITTER: @pkentvent FACEBOOK: PK Entertainment Ventures
Routine Rehearsal MS. CALIFORNIA "OVERALL" STATE FITNESS CHAMP! #dance #athlete #champion #fitness

Routine Rehearsal MS. CALIFORNIA "OVERALL" STATE FITNESS CHAMP! #dance #athlete #champion #fitness

Peeps~ Welcome back to our Channel: KellyG & PT / PK Entertainment Ventures. Our channel is about LIFESTYLE -TRAVEL - OPTIMAL HEALTH & WELLNESS and more!!! If It's your first time THANK YOU for stopping by and visiting!! What does it take to become a NPC Ms. California "OVERALL" State Fitness Champion? A 3X Top 10 USA Competitor/ National Level Athlete? Or A Dance Captain for an NFL Cheerleader Team? Stick around. Watch a glimpse of one of my practices of what it takes for an individual to BECOME A CHAMPION!! Aside from the obvious...Very "RESTRICTIVE" Clean Eating Meals & snacks. Strength/Weight Training is a must, as is CARDIO! The goal is to lean out while maintaining a particular amount of muscle, symmetry, etc. *This video was recently set to different music for Copyright/Ownership Purposes.* So now, LET'S GO PHYSICALLY REHEARSE and prepare some more MENTAL DRILLS!! You will see just a glimpse of a routine practice. Gymnastic, dance, kicks, leaps, tiredness. SHEER FOCUS, MINDSET, DETERMINATION, DEDICATION is Key!! PRACTICE...PRACTICE...PRACTICE... REHEARSE...REHEARSE...REHEARSE!! As an athlete, who was in the NPC/IFBB organization circle, I know first hand what it takes to be a CHAMP!! Choreographing competitors, and having a host of close colleagues in Fine Arts, Film & Entertainment sectors. In addition, to the NPC (National Physique Committee) and IFBB Pros (International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness), to being regularly around others in Bodybuilding Organizations such as WBFF, or UNBA/IPE I know and recognize the blood, sweat, tears and endless dedication it takes to rise to the top. Not only does a competitors physique aesthetics matter, but also a great stage routine and captivating the audience and judges. As a professional, technical dancer-choreographer /actress/model in the entertainment industry predominately my whole life, I pride myself on aiming for perfection in that area. Please go to our website for bios, blogs & more content. TITLES: - Former DANCE CAPTAIN Of The NFL NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS CHEERLEADERS - 2004 NPC Ms. CALIFORNIA “OVERALL” STATE FITNESS CHAMPION - 3X TOP 10 (NPC) Ms. FITNESS USA COMPETITOR / ATHLETE Organizations: - NFL Alumni (cheerleader) - SAG/AFTRA CONTACT US- KellyG & PT of PK ENTERTAINMENT VENTURES, LLC Direct to SHOP: 'PK' BRAND APPAREL BUSINESS INQUIRIES ONLY & "HIRE US" (section on website) Email: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS- Please SUBSCRIBE & FOLLOW US!! Let's Stay Connected!! YOUTUBE CHANNEL NAME: PK Entertainment Ventures / KellyG & PT PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!! LIKE (Thumbs Up)!! HIT THAT NOTIFICATION BELL to know when we post new videos!! Leave US a COMMENT and feel free to SHARE!! INSTAGRAMS (2): @pkentertainmentventures and @kellyg_pkev FACEBOOK: PK Entertainment Ventures, LLC TWITTER: @pkentvent CREDIT: Both Not Seen In Video Personal Fitness Trainer & Nutrition: Greg Ducre Gymnastics Coach: Richard Pasquale Choreographer: self #champion #fitness #dance #athlete #bodybuilding #aerial #gymnastics #npc #routine #practice #backhandspring #competitor
SHOPPING For Protein Powders, MCT Oil & A Few Vitamin Supplements…Important For Us & You Too!

SHOPPING For Protein Powders, MCT Oil & A Few Vitamin Supplements…Important For Us & You Too!

Hey Peeps (Ladies-N-Gents)~ If your new to our YouTube Channel (KellyG & PT / PK Entertainment Ventures) and visiting for the first time…WELCOME!! Thanks for stopping by. Hopefully, you won’t be considered “new” for too long…LOL. Please be sure to stick around to watch some of our other past videos and checkout our websites too! If you’re already one of our fantastic, loyal subscribers, followers and “Peeps”…welcome back! As we keep moving forward, navigating through LIFE and we both continue to explore some awesome travel locations, health/fitness/wellness topics, fun or educational places we experience, technology/electronics equipment delicious restaurant spots and various “lifestyle” things, we will keep sharing it with you…OUR AWESOME ‘PK’ PEEPS!! So, with that being said, in this video, we go to one of our favorite nutrition/health & supplement store chains in Los Angeles, CA area. ‘LINDBERG NUTRITION.’ We briefly show a few (of the “many”) nutrition supplements that you…YES, YOU, should begin researching (overall benefits/value), eating, or begin adding to increase, on your incredible health/wellness journey for assisting with living YOUR BEST “TOTAL OPTIMAL LIFESTYLE.” However, as always, we have have our strong opinions, suggestions, and personal experiences to offer and share with you…WE ARE NOT PHYSICIANS! This and our other health/nutrition and upcoming fitness videos are for ENTERTAINMENT, KNOWLEDGE for “Food For Thought,” and EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY!! So, you should always check in with a doctor, etc. before starting any type of nutritional supplements, health, physical activities if/when needed. For those of you, who don’t have access to LINDBERG NUTRITION stores in your local area, here is some of our ‘PK’ Entertainment Ventures, AMAZON LINKS of a few of our various favorite items we generally enjoy, take, showcased, or mentioned for overall benefits/value. NUTRIENT BENEFITS From VARIOUS “QUALITY” PROTEIN POWDER BRANDS (VEGAN & NON VEGAN Sources): Naked Nutrition / ‘NAKED SHAKE’ Strawberry Banana (flavor) - Naked Nutrition / ‘NAKED SHAKE’ Peanut Butter Blueberry (flavor) - Naked Shaker Bottle (at home, work, car or anywhere on the go) - VITAMIN C / ELECTROLYTE PACKETS: TRACE MINERALS Vitamin C Packets - VARIOUS PROTEIN BARS: ONE BAR- Blueberry (incl. a variety of other flavors) - MCT OIL By Sports Research (SR): Lastly, to ALL OF YOU…Both of us, aim to encourage, empower, and motivate diverse people to strive for an “authentic,” incredibly awesome, fun, complete LIFESTYLE. That includes, total inner/outer health & wellness, head-to-toe (mind, spirit, soul & body)! We also offer empowering, motivational MANTRAS on our ‘PK’ BRAND APPAREL. CONTACT US - KellyG & PT of PK ENTERTAINMENT VENTURES, LLC Direct to SHOP: ‘PK’ BRAND APPAREL BUSINESS INQUIRIES ONLY & “HIRE US” on website Email: ——————————————————— SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS - Please SUBSCRIBE & FOLLOW US!! Let’s Stay Connected!! YOUTUBE CHANNEL: PLEASE SUBCRIBE!! LIKE (Thumbs Up)!! HIT THAT NOTIFICATION BELL ON to know when we post new videos!! Leave US a COMMENT and feel free to SHARE!! Also, PLEASE make sure your name is “PUBLIC” so we can include YOU in our awesome “Random Giveaways,” or “Drawings,” etc. Heck…YOU just could be the next chose one!! That’s another reason why it would be nice for you to join us and our other awesome Social Media ‘PK’ PEEPS!!! Channel Name - PK Entertainment Ventures - OR - KellyG & PT INSTAGRAMS (2): @pkentertainmentventures and @kellyg_pkev FACEBOOK: PK Entertainment Ventures, LLC TWITTER: @pkentvent


‘PK’ Peeps~ THANK YOU ALL for coming back to join us to watch more videos. If you’re “new” to our growing channel, hopefully you won’t be new to us for long…LOL. Both of us, totally appreciate you for tuning in and also watching just as much. Well everyone…2022 is officially here!! Before we realize it, we ALL will be or should be in full swing one way or another. Around here… ‘TOTAL OPTIMAL WELLNESS’ is what we both strive for. Not because it’s a “new year.” We don’t make or believe whole heartedly in “New Year’s Resolutions.” No matter when you want to aim to achieve greatness with your lifestyle, just go for it and do it! For us, it’s just definitely time again, to make some really cool, exciting entertainment moves, new sights/ travel destination plans, fitness/health strides, setting target goals in various aspects of our daily lives and journey. Which some of the really cool things, also include YOU!! YES, you, our loyal viewers and supporters. Including our wonderful Peeps already rockin’ & sportin’ our ‘PK’ BRAND APPAREL. So, again, THANK YOU TO ALL OUR SUBSCRIBERS, THUMBS UP, COMMENTS, and SHARES!! We are a fun, “authentic, down-to-earth, couple.” CHECKOUT OUR WEBSITE! That being said, after the crazy end of the past year- better yet, roller coaster past couple of years, finding ourselves indulging in waaaaay too many extra, unnecessary treats (although tasty -LOL), being a little passive more than usual with our workouts, physical activity, discipline and true capability, it was definitely time to clean up our eating and nutritional intake a little bit more again. Not that we’ll stop enjoying our treats and dining experiences all together. It’s just that ALL THINGS should be in moderation for BALANCE. Right?!?! Lol. So, in this fun video, we are sharing our first UNBOXING With ALL OF YOU!!! This video includes TASTE TESTING, giving both of our personal opinions, funny moments, review/information and true reactions of Naked Nutrition’s ‘NAKED SHAKE’ VEGAN PROTEIN POWDER. Did it live up to the hype of the recommendation from two of the current Top Fitness Experts on the planet? For real…this other power couple is AWESOME, LEGIT & THE REAL DEAL! We’ll share their names, who they are!! We give you a little insight of some of the important Nutrition Facts…clean, non-fillers for ingredients. What flavor?? Was it good?? Would VEGANS or NON VEGANS like it? Would we buy it again? Go On…Taste It For Yourself!!! Here’s our direct links to ‘NAKED SHAKE’ by Naked Nutrition. STRAWBERRY BANANA- PEANUT BUTTER BLUEBERRY- This is the first product of many other exciting things, such as future random giveaways, upcoming, for our awesome ‘PK’ Peeps who regularly watch our channel, and be sure to follow all of our other social platforms too. Make sure when you do Subscribe and Follow Us on our various platforms such as Twitter and Instagram and of course here on YOUTUBE, you are “public” with your name and information. That’s so we know who you are! We want to include you, too! Heck, YOU just could be the chosen one! 2022, is the year of being BOLD, healthy and evolving in all areas of our lifestyle. Again…Please SUBSCRIBE! LIKE/ Thumbs Up! COMMENT & SHARE!! Also, SMASH that NOTIFICATION BELL, so YOU KNOW when we post a new video!! STAY CONNECTED by SUBSCRIBING to our YOUTUBE CHANNEL. Also be sure to FOLLOW our SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS!! Let’s ALL aim high to have a great year ahead!!!! Make It Fierce!! SERIOUS BUSINESS INQUIRIES and/or PRODUCT REVIEWS: KellyG & PT PK Entertainment Ventures, LLC CHECKOUT OUR WEBSITES: (Directly to SHOP ‘PK’ BRAND APPAREL) Email: SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS- YOUTUBE: PK Entertainment Ventures -OR- KellyG & PT INSTAGRAMS: @pkentertainmentventures & @kellyg_pkev TWITTER: @pkentvent FACEBOOK: PK Entertainment Ventures, LLC
VEGETABLE GROCERY HAUL + Quick ‘ Delicious Sauté ‘ Meal… #sauté  #healthyfood #veggies #shorts

VEGETABLE GROCERY HAUL + Quick ‘ Delicious Sauté ‘ Meal… #sauté #healthyfood #veggies #shorts

Peeps~ In this video short, come along for a healthy, 'VEGETABLE GROCERY HAUL + QUICK, DELICIOUS SAUTE’ MEAL' suggestion. Nutritious vegetable based meals don’t have to be non colorful, "bland or boring." It doesn’t have to break the bank either. Meaning, healthy eating can be within a relatively small or extravagant financial budget. We totally wish there was “Smell-O-Vision” too for you to smell the aromas married together...LOL. These Sautéed Mixed Organic Vegetables feel nice-n-crisp taste, look - vibrant and colorful, smell (aroma) and sound insanely delicious while cooking....Aaaah. Eating raw veggies is awesome too, but this isn't that time or meal. Anyway, use your dynamic ‘FIVE BASIC SENSES’ whenever you can. Don’t ever take ANY of your senses for granted. Some people don’t have them all. ORGANIC VEGETABLES / OILS: Onion, Bell Peppers (green, red, orange, yellow), Crimini Mushrooms, Squash, Zucchini, Fresh Garlic and Spinach. MCT OIL, Coconut Oil, Ghee Butter or Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) 1) Serve on any type of tortilla wraps with avocado slices and a sprinkle of favorite seasoning. We like ‘Everything But The Bagel’ or No Salt Seasonings like ‘Mrs. Dash.’ Add hummus by spreading on the tortilla wraps. Let the onion and garlic be the stars in the sandwich. Instead of traditional flour or corn tortillas, try these mixed vegetables on a brown rice tortilla wraps, gluten-free options, Vegan, spinach tortilla wrap or yummy ‘Ezekiel Bread Tortilla Wraps.’ All options are packed with nutrients our body craves. 2) Prepare any type of pasta. Combine the veggies, the oils/juices from the pan, and pasta, instead of preparing with marinara or creamy sauces. Pastas we like are often gluten-free options such as chickpea or red lentil, brown rice pasta, black bean pasta, etc. 3) Have these mixed veggies with egg whites (am or pm). Sprinkle on some Nutritional Yeast. Or add a few drops of CHOLULA Sauce, BRAGG’s Liquid Aminos, or Coconut Aminos. Which number above sounds better to you to eat? Or would you enjoy preparing, then eating the mixed organic vegetables both ways? Please SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube Channel. LIKE. HIT THE NOTIFICATION BELL, so you will know when we post more videos. Feel free to Comment or Share. Become one of our loyal 'PK' PEEPS by joining us on our SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS below. When you SUBSCRIBE to YouTube, make sure it's public so we know who you are. We have random giveaways and you just could be one of the chosen ones. Lastly, feel free to checkout our websites too, and while you're at it, if you like awesome HOODIES, and T-Shirts with cool MANTRAS or fierce brand LOGOS, go ahead checkout our 'PK' BRAND APPAREL SHOP to purchase some cool stuff. We look forward to YOU becoming a part of OUR AUTHENTIC LIFESTYLE JOURNEY with US!! CONTACT US / BUSINESS INQUIRIES - KellyG & PT of PK ENTERTAINMENT VENTURES, LLC Email: SHOP - PK BRAND APPAREL: "Thought Provoking," Empowering, Motivational!! MANTRAS for BOTH Men and Women SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS - YOUTUBE CHANNEL: KellyG & PT / PK Entertainment Ventures INSTAGRAMS: @pkentertainmentventures @kellyg_pkev FACEBOOK: PK Entertainment Ventures, LLC TWITTER: @pkentvent Peace & Healthy Living ~ KellyG & PT


Abstract Paint

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A peek inside the authentic life of entrepreneurs, KellyG & PT of PK Entertainment Ventures, LLC. The two have a unique mix of urban and suburban audiences in the United States, which expands internationally. KellyG, a public figure, actor, a Former Captain of the NFL New England Patriots Cheerleaders; a Former NPC Ms. California State “OVERALL” Fitness Champion; 3X Top 10 Ms. Fitness USA competitor. KellyG, then conquered a diagnosis of a major chronic auto-immune/CNS disease, most doctors consider non-reversal, for the rest of life not able to overcome. 



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