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For the love of travel

New places, faces and different races!

That is why we travel. KellyG and me love to meet new people, eat new food and experience new cultures.

From the wake up to go to the airport to touchdown returning to the east coast or the west coast, we love the whole experience.

For us, to be in another state, country or continent is a refreshing change from the normal grind. Freeing your mind and recharging your batteries is essential!

We consider ourselves to be citizens of the world, everywhere we travel to, we want to learn new things and take back a piece of where we visited with us.

The journey to our destination is full of excitement because we love what we are doing and who we are doing it with.

We have learned to navigate the process of the departing airport, flight and baggage to the arriving airport as efficiently as it can be done. We don’t think about the entire process, we break it down, compartmentalize and conquer.

The hotels we choose are researched thoroughly! We like to go hard when we travel, which means we want to return to a place that is clean and comfortable with nice finishes without breaking the bank!

We hang with the locals. The last thing we want is to look like some lost tourists, visiting all the usual sites that tourists flock to.

Although not looking like we were from America while we were in Cape Town, SA was impossible. The locals could spot us a mile away.

No trinkets and stupid little knick knacks for us, we’re not bringing that crap back for anyone either.

We like to focus on art and things of real value, if it is not that, we don’t buy it.

There are usually scheduled activities and stops we want to see, the rest of the time we just go to a certain area and explore the lay of the land. Uber drivers have a lot of information that steer us to the right things to see and away from tourist traps!

We have mastered the delicate balance of experiencing all we want to experience with getting some rest and just being grateful at the same time.

Traveling the world is something we love to do and look forward to doing for the rest of our lives.

We will have more details, pictures and videos of our global experiences on our website. Until then, travel the world God gifted to you.


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