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Money matters

Did you get your growth in 2023?

In 2023, the Dow gained 16.2%, the S&P gained 26.3% and the NASDAQ added 44.6%! Did you get yours? Hopefully you are of the mindset that time in the market is much more important than trying to time the market.

Slow and steady wins the race, if you jumped in the market on good days, and out of the market on bad days, you did yourself and your portfolio a huge disservice! Jumping in on a day when the market rallies simply means that you are buying high! Selling shares on days when the market tumbles is a bad move  as well, this is when you should buy.

Stocks may be the only thing on the planet that most of the human race doesn’t buy when they are on sale. When the stock market goes down, or down for several days or weeks at a time, this is the time to buy, but most get scared and sell, at a loss in most cases!

Since 1928, the S&P 500 has only experienced 26 down years! Only 26 times has the S&P 500 not made money in a calendar year. 56 of the 69 years of growth, these investors enjoyed double digit returns! Time in the market ladies and gentlemen!

Investing for us is a long term play, not a get rich quick scheme. KellyG and I are not day traders.  Invest with consistency and with confidence. Invest in products that you are familiar with and in companies that you do business with. Invest in the things that you use, wear ad consume.

We have to shift our mindset from that of a consumer to that of an owner. Owners make the money in this world, consumers remain broke and playing catch up. You don’t have to own a ton of shares of anything, but we want to own at least a piece of everything that we purchase.

This can be achieved in many different ways. Single stocks, ETF’s and mutual funds are a few ways to go to own most of the products manufactured today. We will go into those investment vehicles in a blog at a later date. For now, invest in your future by investing in the products and services that you spend money on everyday.


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