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Time to pivot with intention, purpose and power, but what does that look like? What

does that entail?

Perhaps, for most of us, it’s realizing that your initial plans- no matter how minute or

grandiose they are, now must now be altered. Why? Legitimately, due to the ongoing

pandemic that has totally swept the United States and the world at large since March


Perhaps your pivot is due to a health situation, that you or a loved-one are currently

facing. A unexpected job loss, financial situation gone wrong, your family relocating to a

new city, state or country. So on and so on and so on, blah-blah-blah. Quite sure you

get my point...Lol.

Pivoting can be extremely daunting. However, if you take a deep breath, take off the

rose colored glasses and begin to look at it through crystal clear lenses, a new

emotional, perspective, it can be absolutely rewarding to realize how mentally strong

and powerful you are. Your surroundings may take a moment to shift, but moving

through, instead of getting stuck or complacent, may turn up being content and


Often times, challenging situations cause many people to step out of their comfort

zones and pull from untapped emotional, mental, and physical power that a person

didn’t know even existed within.

Can I be candid? I’m a culprit too - fear, self-doubt, personal and career shortcomings,

high levels of success mixed with lows, procrastination, unexpected health challenges,

etc. Daily, I must remind myself of all its splendor, whether dull or shining. A mixed bag

life, filled with beauty, wisdom, gravel, and mud which evolves eventually to glittering

diamonds and pearls. Combining all the intentions to one’s willingness to embrace

everything we were created with will always endure. That’s when a pivot is taking place,

may manifest a sense of internal purpose and power that may have been lying dormant

inside our very inner being.

Embrace it. Know all things end up working together eventually for good one way or the

other. Use it as a learning tool. Use it as fuel to ignite boosting your self-esteem to a

different level. First and foremost for yourself, but then to hopefully help encourage

others that it’s time in life for a plethora of change, personal growth, and hope for a

better future. So go into the world and pivot with intention!!


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