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there's a thin line between wife and trainer

Ok, so please help me with this!

If you know my wife, KellyG, you know the fun loving, outgoing personality that she has. You are aware of the big pearly white smile that most strangers experience that is usually followed by a kind encouraging word, like she has known them all of their lives.

KellyG possesses something in her that allows her bubbling personality to shine, in almost any situation. I say almost any situation because there is one thing that prevents that smile, that kind encouraging word and that bubbling personality.

Bad Form!

KellyG, is the 2004 NPC Ms. Fitness California “Overall” Champion, a 3X Top 10 Ms. Fitness USA National Competitor and a Former Dance Captain Of The NFL New England Patriots Cheerleaders. You don’t accomplish those things in life without knowing your way around a gym.

With that being said, bad form and bad gym etiquette are things that rub her the wrong way. The bubbly, energetic, happy personality is completely gone and replaced by the mindset of a drill sergeant.

When we are in the gym, it is all about reps, sets and the approach that is used to achieve what we are striving for. I get that. That is the strategy and what is best for both of us to achieve our goals, but DAMN!

She can go from the Overall Champ to loving wife as soon as we walk out of the gym. Although I have continued to adopt the mindset that it takes to be successful in achieving our fitness goals, my switch is much more rigid.

When we go at it in the gym, it takes me a bit longer to come back to a good place. I’m looking at her like, who are you?

I am getting better at separating the gym mindset from the way we interact with each other outside of the gym, but I have not mastered it like she has. The results that we are achieving due to her expertise in the gym and overall nutrition cannot be questioned or ignored.

I guess I need to just be the student in the gym and roll with the direction (no matter how it is given) coming from my trainer. Deep down, I know it is coming from a place of love and the delivery of her message reflects the urgency of the situation.

With all that being said, I wouldn’t want to be in the gym, working on my life goals with anybody else!


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