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from ashy to classy


Been complimented about my skin appearance practically my entire life. When I was in my teens or early twenties I thought nothing of it. My mother and maternal grandmother, always took very good care of their skin, so I guess I just followed suit. As I got older, fusing my entertainment (dancing/acting/modeling) career, then getting involved in the fitness, health and wellness industries, I began to connect the dots. Connecting the importance of actual skincare nutrients. Especially having to wear heavy amounts of “stage” or “studio lights” makeup for a project aka “gigs.” I quickly began connecting the importance of actual skincare routines to preserve my natural look (barely make-up or no makeup at all), that I prefer to sport on a daily in my personal life. So, finally after years of being approached from strangers, various people of different races/ethnicities, I decided to share a few of my quick, super easy, definitely "Budget-Friendly" tips that everyone can do!! At ANYTIME on ANY BUDGET!!!

Whether it's winter, spring, summer, or fall, it doesn't mean a person should

neglect taking care of their skin along with personal hygiene. Aside from our other internal organs, SKIN is a “main organ” (ie: nails, hair, oil & sweat glands, etc.), that needs some major TLC too. Actually, it's considered "the largest organ” we all have. Although, most of us don't treat it like it is. The skin, is somewhat like a wall or another line of defense which sometimes, can indicate what is happening on the inside of our bodies also. BUT.….our priorities to our visual physical appearance or lack thereof, should not be solely an an excuse to depart from not taking it seriously. If a person considers themselves in pursuit of bettering your internal health, then your external skin health must be a part of your conversation, education and definitely equation. Yes! According to doctors or some medical scientists, and dermatologists, skin may also have some genetic components and factors to consider too. However, I personally know many people from diverse ethnicities/races, who have "literally" changed (for better or worse) the trajectory or their personal health journeys including their skin appearance. THAT'S SOME POWERFUL STUFF!!


Yes, skin health correlates with what we eat, drink or lack thereof. Great skin also needs awesome nutrition. So, whether you’re a male or female, we all need to go easy on ANYTHING overloaded with too much ‘SAS’….SUGAR, ALCOHOL, and/or SALT!! Believe me, it tastes delicious or enhances various foods, which can be very addicting. 'SAS' can cause inflammation- water retention, tiredness, mood fluctuations, etc. Clearly, it just may be extremely harmful to your overall goals as PT and I deem as ‘T.O.W’… ’TOTAL OPTIMAL WELLNESS.’ So…enjoy. Indulge, sparingly just in moderation. Not to mention, ‘S.A.S’ overloads our internal organs to have to work that much harder. Aim for great nutrition sources. Foods filled with nutrients your body needs to properly fuel you to function daily at an optimal level (ie: foods, vitamins- especially B's/ C/D & E, minerals, antioxidants, fiber, collagen, electrolytes, chlorophyll, apple cider vinegar (w/ mother), chlorophyll, probiotics, etc. Can't stress enough.…Drink plenty of WATER. Options-add lemons, limes, oranges, cucumbers, fresh mint or basil leaves. BUT WATER WATER…WATER!! I know many people hear that quite a bit, but NOT many people take it seriously. Figure out how much water you should be drinking per day, and start guzzling...LOL. Another great beverage to drink aim to incorporate a few cups of Green Tea into your nutritional regimen weekly. Green Tea has ALOT of added benefits for health also.


Wash your face with mild/ gentle face washes. My personal uses also one to two times a week, I'll wash my face with a Tea Tree Oil / Chamomile based face wash or Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser. Often I get many my products at Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, CVS, Walmart, Sephora, or another favorite of guessed it, TARGET....Lol. Use lukewarm or the COLD water method, if you can endure it. Oh -And get yourself some big ole' jars of Organic Virgin COCONUT OIL (cold-pressed & unrefined), Vitamin C Serum, Vitamin E Oil, SWEET ALMOND OIL, EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL, and real 100% AFRICAN SHEA BUTTER!!! As you're probably reading by now, MOST of these solutions to help guide you on a journey of great skin, are very INEXPENSIVE!! You might already have a few of these products at your home, in your kitchen or bathroom cabinets right now. Bottomline, a person shouldn't have to pay astronomical prices on super pricey items. In addition, a person doesn’t have to be unhealthy with dry skin, cracked skin, or be ashy, jacked up, dusty and crusty!! You can't dress that up! That's definitely not a good look for men or women. "IT AIN'T CUTE OR SEXY" (bad English, I know) SMH/LOL. No matter your age, 20's into 80 years old, or ethnicity, let's hold that moist, supple skin together the best way possibly in ANY SEASON!!

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Peace & Healthy Living~


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