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To Veg or not to Veg

Is becoming a vegan right for me? Do I like the different variations of chicken and fish too much to give them up for good?


I only eat chicken and fish, is being a half vegan a thing?

I do want to be more healthy! I do think the way animals are processed on this planet for consumption is wrong!

I don’t like the idea of consuming the flesh of another living being, but that thought seems to escape me when it’s time to eat.

The burger pictured above is vegan, it was great, but more expensive. That is a common excuse for people like me.

The response to that is usually, pay more to eat vegan now, or in medical costs when you’re older.

I do feel better eating vegan, clearer and more energetic! That being the case, why do I still want meat sometimes!

Is it what is injected in the meat before it is processed? The sauces and condiments that go on or with meat and the sugar contained in them?

What about availability?

You just can’t get a good vegan meal anywhere, that factors in big time for me!

Going vegan for me seems to make a lot of sense, I can’t come up with the reason why I haven’t done it.

I like the food, I like the dessert, I like how I feel after I eat too. Overall it is much healthier and better for me.

I still can’t pull the rigger and fully commit.

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